Lina Hanson Skincare, 100% Natural Skincare products Global Face Serum, Global Body Serum and Global Treasures eye balm
Lina Hanson Skincare, 100% Natural Skincare products Global Face Serum, Global Body Serum and Global Treasures eye balm
The Skincare Heroes

The Skincare Heroes


Our skincare heroes. The best-sellers, cult-favorites and award-winners we keep coming back to time and time again

These luxurious skin treasures will make you look forward to carving out that much needed time for yourself each day. 

New to our products? The Skincare Heroes Collection is the perfect introduction to our skincare.   

The Skincare Heroes Includes: 

Skin Concerns: Dull, dry uneven skin tone. Aging Skin, Hyperpigmentation.

Value: $265 Get it for $210 (limited time only)

"Lina Hanson Global Body Serum comes out on top in the best all-around category. Aside from the addicting scent, the all-natural ingredients are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin-types." – InStyle

"When it comes to does-it-all beauty, Lina Hanson's Global Body Serum is a force to be reckoned with." – Pop Sugar Beauty

"I have been using Lina Hanson’s facial serum since it came out and it has never let me down. The delicate scent as well as the way it hydrates my skin leaves my skin feeling fresh. I normally use it at night after cleaning my face but when traveling, for example, I use it in the mornings as well as it helps my skin adjust to the change of air and environment. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but my mother who also uses it and has very sensitive skin has never had a breakout from the oil. In fact, it has helped her skin tremendously." – Chiara B.

"This serum is the best product that I have tried for my dry and sensitive skin. Moreover, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, which is very important for me. It’s like a treat for my skin every day!" – Sandra B

"Every time I use this serum I feel like my skin is getting a treat (like I am in a luxurious spa), a truly spoil yourself product." – Tamara, RainbowFeet Blog

"What I really love about Lina Hanson's Global Treasures is that it's the rare product that manages to look beautiful yet perform even more spectacularly. I often see products that have a flashy color or feature a trendy ingredient in a rather lackluster formula. I know that this strategy works because we all judge books by their covers even though we shouldn't but in this case, Lina Hanson took care of us by making sure the ingredients and performance behind her eye-catching balm actually delivered. The ingredients are the highest quality of non-gmo and organic sourced botanicals and there are still times where, as I'm applying the balm, I'm like "this is literally gold meets matcha that I'm rubbing on my skin." I really want to applaud Lina Hanson for developing what I consider to be one of the most photogenic, genius balms ever that actually works beautifully and is packed with stellar ingredients. This is one of the most skin pampering products I have used and doubles as one of my favorite eye serums." – Fabiana

"After opening and totally falling under the Global Treasures spell, this balm comes at you once again with a decadant scent profile of cocoa butter, coffee and vanilla. Like, at this point, this balm owns me and I haven't even gotten to talk performance yet. It goes on thicker but melts right in like a typical balm – but with crazy penetration power. I can definitely feel it on my skin but it definitely works its way compeltely in. I like that it is super moisturizing especially because I've been loving this overnight a focused night treatment. Come morning my skin is soft, hydrated and plump." – Lisa, the organic girl