Global Face Serum
Global Face Serum
Global Face Serum
Global Face Serum

“The Most Game-changing Product I’ve Used.”

– Phillip Picardi

Global Face Serum


30ml / 1 fl oz

Bare the true essence of your skin.

Your daily dose of healthy glow. Harness the natural intelligence of earth’s Power oils – Baobab, Marula and Camellia- to restore vitality to dull, lackluster skin.

Chock-full of skin compatible essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals, this divine blend of traditional beauty secrets makes skin look noticeably firmer, bouncier, and softer, transforming skin to its highest radiance.

Naturally rich in: Vitamin C, E and Fatty Acids


For all skin-types, colors, and ages.

Key Ingredients:

Baobab: This highly restorative oil, which is sourced in Southern Africa using sustainable practices, nourishes and improves skin elasticity while soothing dry skin. Rich in Vitamin A, D, E, and F, it rejuvenates the cells and fights free radicals.

Marula: Rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and amino acids, this highly anti-inflammatory and socially-conscious oil harvested in Botswana is beneficial for both acne-prone and dry and aging skin. It hydrates deep into the dermis layer and locks in moisture to improve skin over time.

Camellia: Harvested from the seeds of the flowering tree Tsubaki, indigenous to Japan and China, this highly nourishing oil retains moisture and penetrates into the skin’s deepest layers. High in essential fatty acids, it prevents water loss while protecting it from UV and environmental stressors. It’s been a treasured Japanese beauty secret for centuries.

Full Ingredient List: Andansonia Digitata (Baobab) Seed Oil,** Argania Spinosa (Argan) Nut Oil,* Sclerocarya Birrea (Marula) Kernel Oil,** Camellia Oleifera (Tea) Seed Oil,* Bertholletia Excelsia (Brazil) Nut Oil,* Cucurbita Maxima (Pumpkin) Seed Oil,* Citrus Reticulate (Mandarin) Oil,* Tocopherol (Vitamin E)****, Citrus Aurantium Amara (Neroli) Oil, Cymbopogen Martini (Palmarosa) Oil,* Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense) Oil,* Citral,*** Limonene*** Linalool*** Geraniol***

*Organic ** Fair Trade / Wild Harvested ***Naturally occurring in essential oils ****Non-gmo

How to use

Post-cleanse, gently massage one pump onto dry or damp skin in the morning and evening in place of your moisturizer.

Mood Boost

Inhale deeply to instantly brighten and uplift your mood thanks to the refreshing aroma of mandarin, palmarosa, and neroli.

"Every time I use this serum I feel like my skin is getting a treat (like I am in a luxurious spa), a truly spoil yourself product." 
RainbowFeet Blog

"This product smells great, absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and you can SEE right away that your skin loves it. It made my face feel so soft, smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy. After the first application my skin was just radiant. Over a few applications I saw my pores were smaller."
– Rebecca

"Lina Hanson's Serums is one of those products that works from the get-go, and will make you look forward to your morning and evening skincare routines."
– Jenn Staz

"I have to say, what I really love about this line is the overall message of global celebration, sustainable sourcing and a beautiful soul injecting her spirit into each oil blend. It makes me feel all the things a Lina Hanson woman should feel: kind, compassionate, impassioned and beautiful."
– Beauty Idealist

"The Global Face Serum is the best of both "worlds" - literally. Made with luxurious oils - which have been sourced from all over the globe. The scent is intoxicating - a combination of ylang ylang, frankincense and neroli make it a powerful aromatherapy blend too."
– Living Pretty Naturally

"Lina Hanson knows a thing or two about beauty. She set out to create a multi-purpose oil without cutting any purity or efficacy corners and has done just that. This is a beautiful oil for all skin types that will vastly simplify your beauty routine."
 Fig & Sage

"The Global Face Serum is one of the very few oils that I can wear under my makeup. The thinner, silky-smooth texture is fast-absorbing and gives me just enough moisture and "glow" without creating a thick film on the skin. Basically, my makeup does not slide all over my face. Even better, if I do not wear makeup at all, I just apply a few drops of this serum and get a youthful, luminous sheen on my skin. The Global Face Serum is one of the best serums that I have tried (and you know I have tried many!)."
– Lilly Genuine Glow

"I love this serum, it is all it claims to be. It has changed my life as now my complexion is beautiful, I have mature skin but always have blemishes, not now!"

"Lina Hanson changed the skin serum game by creating a serum that is 100% natural, packed with layers of aromatherapy... and it it performs like a dream...! Global Face Serum is one of those products that is so good once you try it that you'll want to immediately run out and stock up on more of the skin nourishing elixir simply because you don't want to run out."
– Feng Shui Dana

"I love the Global Face Serum because it smells wonderful! This serum is very natural and not overpowering. I also feel like my skin absorbs this serum and it doesn't clog my pores. I was thrilled about this great 'find'!"
– Rikki

"I love the Global Face Serum. I feel like my skin literally drinks it up. My skin is soft and dewy without feeling greasy, and makeup glides on effortlessly."
– Donna

"I love global treasures & global face serum as my nightly routine. The serum absorbs into skin beautifully and can be used in the morning before makeup or at night under the balm. I use the eye/neck treatment balm along with the serum as my night time moisturizing regime. In the am my face is hydrated & smooth. At 57 years old these products are a staple for me. Love them both!!"  – Sandra

"I've been using the Lina Hanson face serum for many years now and it has never failed. The product leaves my face silky smooth and not oily. A little goes a long way, so you get more than your money's worth. I would advise anyone to try this product because you won't be disappointed. I have combination skin and this product has my face even toned along with a non greasy glow. I have nothing but praises for this product. It was definitely a game changer for me." – April Baum

"I love the serum because it feels so smooth, yet not at all greasy.  It also has the most pleasing, unobtrusive aroma of any serum I've tried."
– Stuart Weitz

"When I discovered "Global Facial Serum" I was already using another "Cult" favorite, more expensive facial serum which I liked, however, I was still looking to explore another product. As soon as I used the "Global Facial Serum" I was immediately taken with the soft freshness of the fragrant and smooth texture of the Oils. My skin immediately accepted this elixir and a soft glow emerged. The ease of application and the absorption of oils into my skin without any greasiness had me sold on this product. When applying the serum to my skin I am transformed to a place of serenity, peace and wellness."
– Andrew Grier