“Lina Hanson Global Beauty was born out of my desire to create a more empowering and all-embracing approach to beauty and wellness. My mission is to inspire you to embrace the skin you’re in, encouraging a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you — with skin and wellness essentials that you can feel good about.”

Lina’s Story

Celebrity makeup artist, green beauty expert, and global beauty advocate, Lina Hanson revealed her eponymous skincare range with a single essential, the Global Face Serum, in 2012 with a specific mission: Embrace the skin you’re in.

Working on a slew of clients, Lina knew the importance of a clear canvas and a healthy complexion and worked for over two years crafting a face oil that worked on all skin types, in other words, on a global scale and audience.

The global ideology comes from Lina’s own experience. Growing up in the Swedish countryside and being mixed ethnicity, she felt different and didn’t identify physically with her peers. Over time, Lina learned to embrace her culture, including beauty traditions from all over the world and created a brand that melds inclusivity, empowerment, and representation.

After 10 years of lugging around an oversized suitcase chockful of makeup, she made the switch to travel the world and educate herself on the meaning of health and wellness throughout a variety of cultures. Lina discovered a wide array of global ingredients and rituals deep-rooted in tradition.

However, Lina’s love of natural beauty began long before she was painting the faces of the Hollywood elite (think Brooke Shields, Portia de Rossi, Chadwick Boseman, Javier Bardem, Ewan McGregor, and more). From a young age and via the encouragement of her grandmother, she was constantly experimenting with ingredients and crafting her own blends.

While the ingredients have changed from when she first formulated as a young girl in Sweden, Lina continues to create deeply nourishing and revitalizing essentials that deliver a natural radiance no matter your age, color, or skin type.

Less is More

Housed in sleek white opal recyclable glass bottles and FSC certified outer packaging, we believe in reducing our carbon footprint.

Ingredients are also a paramount piece of our sustainability ideology. From Marula oil from Botswana to Kalahari melon from Namibia, we source quality natural, organic, fair-trade, and wild-harvested ingredients from suppliers that we trust to create opportunities that help make a positive impact in peoples’ lives around the world.

But sustainability also lies in our edited skincare collection. Each product has a multi-purpose element, meaning you can use it in a myriad of ways on different parts of the face or body. We always encourage using fewer products, but more that are of better quality.

Our products are: Naturally Derived / Made with Organic Ingredients / Sustainably sourced / Cruelty-Free

A Fresh Perspective

Efficacy and freshness inform our formulation process. Crafted in small batches in southern California, every 6-8 weeks, our products are best used 12 months after opening (at the bottom of each box, you will find the best before use date).

We also utilize pumps for our creations to easily dispense product without opening the bottle each time, which in turn helps our potent blends stay fresh longer.