The Mood-Boosting Collection


A Scent for Every Mood

Bring home all three of our perfume oils and wear each one depending on your mood or combine and layer them to create a personal scent that is unique to you. 

Notes of yuzu, Ginger, Sandalwood. 
Aromatherapy Benefits: Invigorating, uplifting, energizing.

Notes of Pine, Juniper berry, Vetiver
Aromatherapy Benefits: Promotes mental clarity, balance, alertness.

Notes of Oud, Black Pepper, Cardamom
Aromatherapy Benefits: Aphrodisiac, Stress-relieving, grounding. 


The Mood-Boosting Collection Includes:  


Value: $231 Get it for: $175


*Our perfume oils are a proprietary blend of natural and organic essential oils and co2 extracts in a base of fractionated coconut oil. These perfume oils meld with your body chemistry, making them smell slightly different from person to person.  


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