The Global Beauty Series


We are introducing a new project - The Global Beauty Series.  

Our mission in starting this initiative is to tackle the idea of beauty stereotypes, while learning human stories from different perspectives. Throughout the next several months, we are featuring various people and giving them a platform to share the views and experiences that shaped them. 

Our first Global Beauty participant is Asa Nygards and this is her story.


"I grew up in a small town in northern Sweden, I was adopted from India and came to Sweden as a little baby.
For the most part, my experiences were pleasant but there were times that the N word was yelled at me or vandalised onto my locker at school.
9 times out of 10 when I met someone new, I would get asked “Where are you from?” when I answered “Leksand,”(my hometown in Sweden) they would follow it up with: “No, but where are you really from?” 
I never dared to be myself in school because I was afraid people would comment on my looks, so instead I hid, becoming the “shy, quiet Asa.”
My advice to anyone who is going through a similar experience is to be proud of who are you are and what you look like. I wasn’t always, but I’ve finally learned to love my brown skin.
Be proud of your heritage and history because it’s what makes you unique. If you truly see that, people will start seeing that in you too. It took me a long time to realize that. Dare to be yourself, and say what you want to say. 
Throughout the years, I’ve learned that speaking up and letting my voice be heard is my right, just like any other person.
My advice to anyone who is a “local” and who deals with newcomers, is to not be afraid of the new or unknown. They’re people, just like you and I, with a story and feelings.
Try to see it as a chance to learn something new, get new experiences and maybe even gain a new friend.

This advice applies to both the people coming to a new country and the ones already living there, because what it really comes down to is staying open to new experiences." 

Location: Leksand, Sweden

In Photo: Asa Nygards

Styling: Akiko Larsson 

Photography & Skin: Lina Hanson 

Lina used Global Face Serum & Global Treasures to create Asa's naturally glowing  skin look. 


Step 1.

Prep the skin with two pumps of the Global Face Serum. Press the serum in to the skin. 

***Lina used the Global Face Serum as the only skin base and did not apply foundation or concealer on Asa's skin. 


Step 2. 

Apply a small dollop of Global Treasures Eye/Neck + Treatment Balm to the under eye area, eyelids and cheek bones for extra skin glow and sheen.