Interview with Blanda

A little background info on mine and Blanda’s lovely little friendship.

I met Blanda through a mutual friend back in 2016, and I was immediately struck by her natural radiance and kindness. She is not only a super talented artist but truly a compassionate soul, and that spirit translates into her beautiful art. 

With all the things going on around the world this past year, I developed a deep inner drive to change the look of our brand. It was an evolution of who I was becoming and naturally as I evolved so did the brand. I was seeking change but I didn’t want to just make changes to the design for superficial reasons alone, I loved our current design, but this was about something bigger. I felt that the outer packaging could better illustrate who we are at the core, our message, why we started this in the first place. I needed that to be reflected in the packaging. I wanted the art work, just as the content inside them, to tell a story and for it to make you feel something when you held it in your hands.   

When I started brainstorming what that could look like, Blanda immediately came to mind.
I always loved how her art represented empowerment, compassion and interconnectedness - Everything that we believe in and stand for as a brand.

For me this collaboration goes far beyond a talented artist and a skincare brand coming together to do a new packaging design, more so, it serves as an example that when we work together, use our passions and skills for something bigger, we create something uniquely special. 

Interview with Blanda 

Tell us about your background?

I was born and raised in Switzerland and moved to New York for college in my early 20s. I had attended the ‘Liceo Artistico’ in Zurich, an amazing art school which gave me the confidence in wanting to pursue a creative profession. So the move to NYC to get my BFA felt really organic. I ended up staying there after graduating and my path in both, life and work started formulating. It’s still constantly evolving...

Where do you look for inspiration?

I read, I listen to music and walk around with open eyes. I don’t actively look for inspiration but it usually finds me in more or less regular intervals.

How do you tap into your creativity?

I am still figuring that out :). I go through phases where it just flows and pours out and then there are times where I question everything and feel entirely uninspired. But I think creativity comes in waves and the ebb and flow of it are a pretty natural movement.

What inspired “Five Circles”?

“Five Circles” is a piece about the delicate balance of body, mind and spirit, as well as the inter-human connectedness. Four figures are arranged within the edges of the canvas, facing away in the bottom half and facing towards each other in the higher half of the painting. They balance each other and compliment each other. They work together as a whole and removing any of them would result in a collapse of harmony. Just like removing a piece from an ecosystem or family would lead to imbalance. These figures tell a story of togetherness and compassion.

Five circles are woven through the shapes in contrasting dark and light hues of blue. They are hair-buns, breast shapes and a seemingly floating ball between one figure’s hand and another figure’s gaze. On a symbolic level these circles represent mind, heart and spiritual energy.

The shades of blue, the color of the throat chakra, are a nod to language and communication. The thread that connects us and, on a larger scale, holds society together.
The original artwork is a 4x6ft canvas piece that I sold to a private collector last year.

What do you look for in a collaboration and what made you want to do a collab with LH global beauty?

I like to work with brands whose philosophy I align with. Brands that create products that I personally use and love and that I can stand behind. LH checks all of my boxes, the emphasis on wholesome, organic ingredients and sustainable, fair-trade production are things I really care about. But I also immediately loved Lina when I first met her. She is just such a wonderful person and running her business with such integrity, I didn’t have to think twice about collaborating with her when she reached out.

How do you practice self-care? Do you have any tools or tricks?

My self-care routine changes continuously. I like to get up pretty early when everyone is still asleep and have a slow start of my day by myself. I’ll feed the kittens, meditate and journal and then have tea or coffee with my boyfriend before we each start our days. My routine used to include regular work-outs but I have fallen off that wagon completely. I basically haven’t worked out at all since last March and that’s just how it is. I think most of all self-care for me is reminding myself to laugh when stuff goes wrong and stay light-hearted when I don’t do the routines I had set for myself.

What does your skincare routine look like? Do you have a favorite LH product, and why?

The Global Face Serum is my favorite! I put it on under my moisturizer for an extra layer of hydration and dewiness. My skin is naturally pretty dry but paradoxically still prone to breakouts so I am careful with any products containing oils. The face Serum is one of the few skin oils I absolutely love. I keep my skincare pretty basic, I wash my face, use toner, Face Serum and moisturizer. And sunscreen of course, we live in LA, after all…

What are some things (emotionally, spiritually,) that you have learned this past year, and what would you recommend to anyone having a challenging time?

I learned a lot about myself this past year. I calmed down a lot, am kinder to myself and have let go of the feeling of having to prove myself to anyone. I am more aware of how I feel in my everyday life because that is ultimately all that matters and all that I have control over. The challenges of this past year were a catalyst and ended up pushing me towards myself. When I look back at other challenging times I have experienced, there is usually positive change that originates during those times. We just can’t really see it yet, while we are still walking through the deep snow.

What’s one thing you would tell your younger self?

Relax. Don’t be so hard on yourself all the time. You are good, just roll with it, everything always works out for you somehow. Enjoy your body, it’s perfect as it is, you don’t need to change anything about it to feel happy.

To learn more about Blanda's work visit her Instagram: @blahblahblanda