Our Film MIKAEL At The Refugee Camp

A few months ago our film MIKAEL was invited to the Duhok International Film Festival in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. 

While in Kurdistan, we visited one of the largest refugee camps there. Seeing first-hand the conditions that the people were in, we felt we needed to do something. Due to the curfews in place at the camps, we decided to bring the film to them. With the help of a few friends, we put together an outdoor movie screening for a large group of them.

MIKAEL tells the story of a man, despite his current circumstances, travels back to his ancentral home of Iraq to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a professional soccer player. When most films we see about the Middle East focus on war and violence, MIKAEL is a story of hope that shows another side of the Middle East.

Watch the video of our visit to the camp. 


Thank you to all who participated: Delal Sindy, Kovan Sindi, Hasan Hagi, Ahmed Gulli, Sarwan Sakwan Halo, Salim Abi, Marcid Ebdul Mecid, Tofan Zaxoy, Jose Moreno Brooks, Juan Raymundo Ramos. 



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Watch the trailer: vimeo.com/155191343
Website: mikaelfilm.com

What people are saying

  • “As an antidote to fast paced blockbuster films, this subtle, powerful, very human and deeply moving film also manages through its subject matter to have a unifying effect upon the audience. MIKAEL...a lovely indie gem.”

    –Tim Sika, President - San Francisco Film Critics Circle
  • “[Kordo Doski’s] background gives him a window to themes and cultures that most of us only know from the news. His instincts are to make such material accessible and entertaining to a broad audience. His talent allows him to achieve this goal. Kordo Doski is a fresh, charismatic voice for the future, one highly worth embracing.”

    — Daniel Waters - Heathers, Batman Returns, Sex and Death 101
  • “An Iraqi-American Rocky: Mikael is a winning paean to ignoring the odds and chasing dreams”

    — Peter Canavese, GrouchoReviews.com
  • “I can say with certainty that his filmmaking is not just good, it’s the work of a unique and confident voice that knows it’s supposed to be heard.”

    — Joseph M. Smith, Producer