Lina Hanson Skincare
Lina Hanson Skincare

The Minimalist Duo


Start each day with our two ultimate multitaskers for instant healthy, glowing skin. The Minimalist knows that you don’t need a 10+ step routine for healthy skin. These multi-taskers will take care of your skincare needs in three simple steps.

The Minimalist Duo Includes:
Global Calm (50ml)
Global Face Trio (100ml)

Value: $140 Get it for: $100

Skin Concerns: Redness and inflammation, acne and scarring, dryness and irritation, loss of elasticity.


"Global calm is the best facial oil I’ve ever used! It’s perfect for when my skin needs to take a break from actives. It’s so soothing and gives my skin a nice glow. I always feel like I just got out of the spa after using global calm,plus its a great makeup remover too!" — Maria R

"I kept hearing buzz about the Global Face Trio from Lina Hanson and I was certain it was going to be a set of three products, only to realize that it's a brilliant 3-in-1 product, making it excellent for travel or for those of you who like to keep your skincare simple. The fresh, bright scent of lemongrass (which is so rare in products) is the first thing I noticed; I love that it smells so clean. The texture is of a soft, yet grainy, powder that can be used as a cleanser, an exfoliator (use more water for a gentle exfoliation, less for a deeper clean) and lastly, as a mask (feels so good when you're washing it off). The Trio honestly does brighten and soften the skin and leaves it looking really clean and renewed. I'm highly recommending this if you love a pared-down routine. I find the Trio to be a unique product with some really original ingredients like Bamboo Stem Powder, Ginseng Stem Extract, Turmeric Root and Licorice Root Powder." – Katie, Green Product Junkie