“Wear as Primer: Hollywood makeup artist Lina Hanson has worked with Natalie Portman and Emma Stone, and counts Ellen Page and Ewan McGregor as fans of her Global Face Serum. The oils in is penetrate into the skin faster than a cream and give a healthy, natural glow.”
PopSugar"When a product makes you feel good not only because of the skin-enhancing benefits it provides, you know you've hit the so-called beauty jackpot. Such is the case with celebrity makeup artist Lina Hanson's Global Face Serum. The feel-good part? Several of the ingredients used in the oil blend are harvested by women all over the world to help support their economies. You can't go wrong with this one. Besides, how often does one really get a chance to strike gold?
Lucky“ While you might not have your own glam squad or receive diamond facials on the regular, a bottle of makeup artist Lina Hanson’s Global Face Serum will at least get you one giant step closer to achieving a Hollywood-caliber glow.”

“This makeup artist created serum is vegan and made with brazil nut, vitamin a, essential fatty acids, pumpkin seed oil and more to hydrate even the most chronically dry skin. Plus, it smells like heaven. “

“Unlike body lotions, [Global Body Serum] sinks in instantly and leaves my skin looking soft and J.Lo-esque. Smell-wise, it’s a delightful blend of crisp citrus and smooth vanilla. Trust me: You’ll apply this obsessively after your first use.”

“A blend of rich oils from around the world hydrate and nourish skin in this body serum from Lina Hanson. It’s nongreasy and quick absorbing, making it perfect for those who want a lightweight moisturizer without the residue.”

Refinery 29

“Designed by a celebrity makeup artist to prep and nourish the skin, this oil is hand-crafted in small batches by women’s cooperatives, smells like an exotic bazaar and makes makeup glide on with ease.”

“[Global Treasures] not only does a bang-up job at de-puffing eyes, but it’s also super soothing when massaged into the neck.”

“Inspired by beauty traditions from around the globe, this nourishing [Global Body] serum has a worldly ingredient list — all of which help to keep skin dewy and soft.”

Travel + Leisure

“As a makeup artist and natural beauty expert, Lina Hanson has made it her mission to seek skincare secrets from women around the world. She travels not only for inspiration, but to deepen her ever-expanding encyclopedia of beauty knowledge, taking care to get to know the ingredients and rituals unique to each place she visits.”

“This multi-functional powder was designed with the globetrotter in mind. Founder and makeup artist Lina Hanson travels the world to research and choose her ingredients, learning for instance, how Burmese women have used Thanaka powder for centuries in Myanmar to tighten pores and decrease breakouts. Not only is the Trio TSA-friendly, but it can function as a cleanser, exfoliator, or a face mask to purify, brighten, and balance the skin.”


“After a sweaty work out, I always need to hydrate my skin immediately after. Lina Hanson’s Global Treasures balm has been my go-to as of late. The balm softens my eye and lip areas, and it is loaded with antioxidants like matcha and pearl to restore my skin and protect against free radical damage. And if it’s an outdoor workout, the extra plus is that the balm also soothes sunburns!”

Into The Gloss

“Another eco-chic serum is Lina Hanson’s Global Baby/Sensitive Serum, which can be used to remove makeup, as a moisturizer, and even on growing bellies to deal with stretch marks, if that’s something you want to deal with. It’s made with Kalahari melon and cucumber seed, which sounds fancy but gives the silky moisturizer a clean, fresh cucumbery scent. And yeah, it can be used on baby skin, or in the baby bath, too. Both Kangas and Roos can enjoy the pleasure of luxury skincare. I love 2017! It’s vegan!”

Ebony Magazine “Get your complexion glowing with this blend of oils”

“It gives your skin an amazing glow and makes foundation easier to blend.”

“Lina Hanson's Global Body Serum comes out on top in the best all-around category. Aside from the addicting scent, the all-natural ingredients are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin types.”

LA Confidential“The Best in Green Beauty. Soothes redness and softens fine lines and wrinkles”
people style watch

“We deemed this the Holy Grail of Beauty products because it works on every skin type and it’s designed to help boost your mood. You can also use this to double as a makeup primer and if you have super sensitive skin, the serum isn’t known to cause any increase in breakouts. “

“We found the Face Serum Everyone in Hollywood is Using. You know how celebs manage to look as flawless on the red carpet as they do posing for another blemish-free #nomakeup selfie? That’s because of the hero product Hollywood’s skin guru uses on her high profile clientele. It’s Lina Hanson’s Global Facial Serum and you’re going to want to pick up a bottle, stat. “

“From soothing sunburns, reducing under-eye puffiness and protecting against free radical sun damage, [Global Treasures] is an anti-aging savior.”

“Smoothing body serum. Massage the vegan glow-boosting (but nongreasy) moisturizer into skin morning and evening to increase suppleness.”

“Global Face Serum is a triple threat: It treats redness, reduces wrinkles, and seriously hydrates skin. It sinks into skin instantly, leaving it incredibly soft and dewy.”

“After cleansing, I apply one pump of this serum to my face and neck. It truly has made my skin glow, and it doesn’t feel greasy or oily whatsoever. For my neck and chest, I take a little of this balm between my fingers (it melts upon contact) and gently apply it. Sometimes I add a little on my lips and underneath my eyes if the skin is looking a bit dull.”

“Several Allure editors stan for this skin-care brand, but mostly this luxurious balm that makes your skin buttery soft and glowing.” [Global Treasures]

“This all-in-one anti-ager and moisturizer is the non-toxic way to smooth and nourish your skin. Hanson’s own 100% natural creation, this skin elixir blends natural oils from all over the world.”

“Natural beauty guru Lina Hanson’s Global Treasures balm — featuring matcha, 24K gold and pearl — is a wonder-working product not only for the neck and down, but also for the eyes. It's aim is tightening, firming and brightening skin and boosting elasticity. For ultimate wedding day radiance, it's a go-to beauty product.”

La Dolce Vita

“A hidden gem of the industry.”


“… Our favorite of the season is the new multipurpose solution from Lina Hanson. Her Global Face Trio is a powder that cleans, purifies, brightens and balances the skin … it's a chic and easy all-in-one to keep your healthy glow going strong all weekend.”


"Head to Lina Hanson Beauty to shop her incredible skincare products — get ready for stunning skin.”

“Global Face Serum is of those products you want to keep applying over and over again, just to keep the experience. This serum worked to hydrate, rejuvenate, and repair my skin. It’s quite miraculous, and I haven’t found anything else quite like it.”

Global Face Trio ($70), a multipurpose powder with three uses: cleanser, exfoliator, mask (mix with yogurt for hydration, honey for breakouts). Its versatility and easily packable powder form stay with the travel theme.”

“Hanson also just debuted Global Treasures ($105), a brightening balm that you can use around your eyes, to help soften fine lines, and boost hydration everywhere. It incorporates shea and cocoa butters, pearl powder (a traditional Chinese ingredient), matcha, and 24k gold, inspired by the Egyptians and Japanese, she says.”


  • “I love your products. I feel divine.”

    — Brooke Shields
  • “I’ve been using this serum through wind, sun and dust and as a true nature kid there is no better feeling than to put on some of Lina’s healing oils. I love the smell and texture and I am now officially addicted.“

    — Lykke Li
  • “I love it! Looking forward to anything that you make!”

    — Nikki Reed
  • “I love it! I carry it with me all the time.”

    — Morena Baccarin
  • “Unbelievable! I just completed a three week trip with UNICEF through India, Nepal and Congo. I used the serum almost every night and though the trip has been extreme with sun, heat, dirty and lack of washing it has kept my skin in great shape. I love it.”

    — Ewan McGregor
  • “It is amazing, sincerely amazing and I am not the type of person that has “products.” Congrats on creating such an awesome and ethical product.”

    — Ellen Page
  • “Your wonderful oil is with me. Thank you!”

    — Kristin Davis