Lina's Summer Travel Beauty Essentials

Lina Hanson Global Travel Kit
Are you traveling anywhere this summer? If so, I know how difficult it can be to figure out just what to bring on your travels.
I used to be the person who brought a whole suitcase filled beauty products. (No lie!) However, over the years, I've come to realize that traveling light makes a huge difference for the quality of my trip. I don't have to haul all my stuff around and I love the feeling of simplicity and freedom - afterall, isn't that what its about when you travel? Exploring the world without the "baggage."  When it comes to my essentials, multipurpose products are key. Here are my top ones for a healthy, happy vacation!  
May 01, 2019 by Lina Hanson

How To Think Your Way to Better Skin

Think Your Way to Better Skin | Lina Hanson Natural & Organic Skincare












There is a connection to our skin and emotions. Did you ever hear about the Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto’s experiment with water? He said that human consciousness has an effect on water and it could react to positive thoughts and words. He even said that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. If 60% of our body consists of water, don’t you think we would also benefit from positive thoughts, words and visualization?


November 11, 2018 by Lina Hanson

SKIN AND THE CITY - How to Protect Your Skin from Air Pollution

protect skin from air pollution

I'm a true nature girl at heart but I love cities! There is something about the energy and pulse of a city I just can’t get enough of. However, the pollutants in the city air tend to make skin dry, vulnerable and susceptible to all sorts of skin issues. Of course, we all know dirty air isn’t great for the skin, but did you know it can actually add years to your face? 

July 09, 2018 by Lina Hanson

Skin Prep Before Makeup

Prepping your skin is one of the most important steps before any makeup application if you want a natural, glowing and radiant look. It's all about exfoliating and hydrating your skin to help your skin feel refreshed, smooth and moisturized.

Products used: Global Face Trio, Global Face Serum, Global Treasures, Jade roller 

April 03, 2018 by Lina Hanson