Discover Global Beauty

Discover Global Beauty

Hi friends,

After months of hard work on the new look, I'm so thrilled to share everything with you!  We're so happy with it, and I'm excited for you all to experience the entire Global Collection. Each and every product is unique and I look forward to introducing them to you. 

I’ve poured my heart into every aspect of this entire creation, and have been loving every step of the journey. Everything from where we source the ingredients, to the formulating, to the celebration of Global Beauty, is all aligned with who I am and what I believe in.  An all-embracing, globally conscious way of living. Being Global is about caring for the world as a whole, and all people. Global Beauty is more than just skincare or makeup. It's about embracing who we are, our differences and loving the skin we are in.  

It’s been the core of our mission from the very start to share this message, and I’m so proud of my little team for helping us bring this vision to life. It has been a collaborated effort on so many levels and I’m so thankful. I couldn’t have done this on my own. 


A big thank you goes out to:

Kordo Doski:

My rock, my other half, co-founder & creative director is a filmmaker and has an amazing eye for visual art. His creative direction for our Global Beauty photo shoot and new branding has been huge and it’s so much fun working and collaborating together. He’s the best life and travel companion ever and is always up for my crazy adventures.

Bryan Jenkins:

Our friend, operating manager and the ultimate multi-purpose guy, manages production, ships out our packages, and handles administrative. He helps me run the business from our studio in LA, especially when Kordo and I are away traveling.

Thank you also to my little Global Family for all your ongoing efforts and for being big parts in this creation.

Eva Inglander, Mikaela Hanses, Shoghak Kazandjian, Marcia Mosko, Jose Moreno Brooks, Diego Dominguez, Juan Raymundo Ramos, Isaac Sterling, Hanny Roskamp, Kelley Mersola, Michele Tredger, Amanda Tunnell, Jasmin Radibratovic, Amanda Walsh, Jae Suh Park, Ashley Nedd, M’saada Nia, Yetide Badaki, Odelya Halevi.




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Global Beauty Campaign Photo Shoot Credits: 

Creative Director: Kordo Doski 

Photographer: Isaac Sterling

Makeup: Lina Hanson & Jasmin Radibratovic 

Hair: Gabbi Pascua 

Eyelash Extensions: Tiina Troberg, Dermacilia 

Video: Juan Raymundo Ramos & Vince 

Models: Ashley Nedd, Amanda Walsh, Jae Suh Park, Odelya Hadidi. 

Thank you to makeup brands:

Vapour Organic Beauty, ILIA Beauty, Kjaer Weis, and RMS Beauty, for helping us have the best makeup products on our photo shoot, that I can feel great about using.




May 14, 2016 by Lina Hanson